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Start channel on Youtube.

We starting video youtube channel. Now our customers have most easy way to watch how devices work, how works RGB led indicator ring and different relay modes. We sure this information will be useful for any customers which search for simple, reliable and good looks access control systems.


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BLE 4.0 add-ons module.

ACS solution with this module will work with BLE key-fobs, phones and standard cards in same time. It’s must be very universal and usable solution for SOHO and...


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Card rights in Lumiring LRxx-1Cxx controller series

Today you will be presented a short information bloc on card rights in  Lumiring access control systems and cards to use them.

The majority of autonomic access control systems provide the user the opportunity to freely use card with only one pattern of rights. In this case, there’s absolutely no division and it becomes absolutely unimportant whether you’re a owner or a guest. For all the cards provide similar rights.

The Lumiring Company has decided to break these conditional rules and has introduced additional types of cards. Let us look upon the variants, which have been developed.

The first type of cards – Master Cards.

Up to 3 master cards can be added to one controller. It’s possible to add Master Cards only after a hardware reset of all the options on the controller and erasing of the cards base from the memory. After being put on for the first time, the controller expects to receive cards, which will eventually become Master Cards. These cards are used govern the following parameters of the controller:

  1. Adding/ Delete of User cards
  2. Adding/ Delete of BOSS cards
  3. Adding/ Delete of Security cards
  4. Choice of state of regular indication
  5. Choice of the colour scheme
  6. Choice of the period of openness of a lock or another executive mechanism
  7. Set controller in to AUTO-ADD mode

Despite all its opportunities, the Master card cannot provide the rights of access to the premises and cannot be used as a User’s, Boss or Security card. These type of cards is designed only to control the parameters of the controller. Once lost this card is impossible to restore. In order to add a new Master Card it’s necessary to made hardware reset of all options and the database of cards.

The second type of cards – User cards.

Up to 2000 cards can be added to one single controller, and even up to 15 000 to a special modification. The engineers of the Lumiring Company have thought the further expansion of capacity as inappropriate and therefore unnecessary in the majority of cases. The rights provided by the User’s card are as simple as can be. After being put in the memory of the controller it’s capable to open the premises and control any executive mechanism which connected to the controller.

The third type of Cards – Boss cards.

Up to 10 of such cards can be added to every controller. Under regular working conditions the Boss cards don’t differ from the User’s Cards. However this type of cards provides an additional ability to switch the controller in the state of functioning “Access only to Boss Card”. In order to do so it’s necessary to bring the Boss card close to the reader and holding it for three seconds wait for the controller to switch its state of functioning. The set state is designed to limit the access of User’s Cards. From now on only a Boss Card can provide access to the premises.

An example of exploitation:

  1. Directors’ personal office – in a regular state the employees can walk up to their leadership without limitations. But when the employer leaves his office it’s not necessary for him to close the door with his key - it’s enough to switch the controller into the necessary state and none except for the holder of the Boss Card will be able to enter the premises. After his return the employer can switch the controller into its usual state, or leave it the way it is.
  2. The ability of adding up to 10 Boss Cards allows the use of temporarily closed premises for the User’s Cards – when providing access only for owners of Boss Cards for this premises.

The forth type of cards – Security Cards.

Security Cards, just like Master Cards don’t provide the possibility to govern the executive mechanisms and access to opening doors. The main function of the Security Card - is blocking of access to the premises for all cards. To switch the controller into his regular state is possible by single adding of the security card to the reader.

An example of exploitation:

The process of alarm control of premises in an office center. The security guard puts his card up to the reader, taking the premises under control. After this, no any other card will remain functional. The opening of the premises without the card will make the alarm on the controller go off – the turning on of light and noise indicators which inform of breaking.The switch to the regular state is carried out with the secondary use of the Security Card

As you can see the usage of different types of cards makes the creation of an effective access control system significantly easier. Comes especially in hand for premises in which there’s no necessity to apply net or computer systems. Once you’ve tried out the system you will not want to use the one-type function analogies.