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We starting video youtube channel. Now our customers have most easy way to watch how devices work, how works RGB led indicator ring and different relay modes. We sure this information will be useful for any customers which search for simple, reliable and good looks access control systems.


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BLE 4.0 add-ons module.

ACS solution with this module will work with BLE key-fobs, phones and standard cards in same time. It’s must be very universal and usable solution for SOHO and...


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Introduction of Lumiring standalone ACS.

The access control system is an important safety element of the any level object. Often, this system consists of different controllers, software and electronic locks and installer task consists in to make optimal offer for the customer.

When installing the access control system, first of all we should define the main tasks and proposed to its requirements. If you need to organize access control for one or two control point (point of passage), the best solution is to use an autonomous system. The main advantage of autonomous systems is the ease of installation and no need to made long cable runs to communicate with the computer. This saves time and installation costs.

The main advantages of autonomous systems:

  1. No need computer for setting up and maintaining the system.
  2. Can be installed on objects where are not specialists, who can use a personal computer, or where is not possibility of the installation of a personal computer.
  3. The reliability. As you know, the simpler the system, the more reliable it is. The autonomous system is very simple and therefore reliable.
  4. Easy to use. Autonomous systems do not require special maintenance and adjustment, and their programming is so easy - can be done by untrained user.

The Lumiring Company has developed and implemented the autonomous access control systems, produced by modern technologies, complete new design, extended functionality, unique method of indication and a built-in menu. In the process of development, company engineers tried to avoid widespread mistakes of most autonomic systems, such as:

1. Placing unlocking relay outside the door - where any attacker can close the relay wires and came. In our devices, unlock relay place indoor where no any attacker can circumvent it.

2. The use of short codes cards - which often observed in the simplest autonomous systems and often generate duplicate cards. Our algorithm work with long card number to avoid this situation.

3. Very often, for the save money, the manufacturer use in schemas household components level which is unacceptable for use in a wide temperature range. In our devices, we use only components with industry standard level to ensure work in the temperature range -30 to +75 degrees.

4. Programming with the help of jumpers or code keypad. To Disassemble the device for programming or as well as to make a service system with complex programming via code dialing keyboard is not a simple task for the inexperienced user it prompts him to turn in addition to specialists;

5. Using devices with flush mounting. Often the standalone access controller mounted after the repairs completed, so use flush mount reader or flush exit button is unjustified decision – need made big hole in customer’s wall. All own devices Lumiring Company made for surface mounting that allows you to save the walls of the customer.

6. Any installer is aware of the fact - quality design of device that important thing for the end user. Housing design, lighting indication, audible indication - it’s all what end-user can feels during the exploitation of the system. It is what any visitors can see when enter a house or an office. Often an installer has to solve a difficult task of choosing a locking mechanism of the door or gate type for customer project. Besides, one must choose and approve the external design of the reader, type and design of the exit button. The Lumiring company want to make more ease this task - our devices (readers, controllers, exit button) have a stylish uniform design that can easily fit into any interior, adding to it modern high-tech style.

7. Simple indication. Lumiring company’s devices have 4 built-in modes of indication (sound, color, dynamics). The user can select and set each of them at any time without attracting any help.

8. Savings on protective systems. Often, companies that produce autonomous systems, in the pursuit of profit save on protective systems. Our controllers have a full protection complex:

  • Protection against reverse polarity power input;
  • Protection of all inputs and outputs from static discharge;
  • Protection of all inputs and outputs of 12 volts.

9. Most of all autonomous systems do not have delineation by types of cards and therefore cannot offer user any additional features, which can give this function. Lumiring Company went a little farther, and added additional types of cards, with which users can work.

Card types:

  • USER card (up to 2048 cards per controller).
    Used for standard use access control system.
  • BOSS card (up to 10 cards per controller).
    Used for standard use of the access control system, but additionally can block premises for all user cards, by switching controller to mode "ONLY for BOSS". In this mode, the passage is permitted only for BOSS cards. The exit from this mode to standard can made only by BOSS card.
  • SECURITY card (up to 3 cards per controller).
    This type of card does not have any access to the premises and serve only to block the access of all types of cards. Unlocking occurs by Lock card. Used, if necessary, block the premises without access to it.

10. Many autonomous systems do not control cards in the premises. Our controller in operation with two readers is able to monitor the availability boss cards in the premises. When the last boss card leaves the premises, the controller can be switched to mode "ONLY for BOSS" automatically. At the same time, all user cards can be free to leave the premises.

11. Many of autonomous controllers on the market do not have the settings of the relay, which significantly limits their use in other tasks. Developing the algorithms of the controller, we took into account these settings.

Relay settings:

  • Selectable time relay in the range from 1-255 seconds.
  • Selectable relay operation: Bistable, Pulse, Monostable
    Trigger mode – Relay will be activated on specific time (1-255 sec)
    Bistable mode – Each received right code change relay state to opposite
    Monostable –   Relay will be activated while will be taken right code

12. Most buttons, which sold on market, have only one mode that significantly limits the range of their use. Buttons of Lumiring Company completely repeat the capabilities of the controller to manage the relay. The user can select the operation mode and set the time of relay operation.

The company's engineers developed unique solutions to provide comfort and safety. Some of them:

Access control reader with built-in sensor ring button;
rgb access reader
Controller for simultaneous operation with contactless cards and remote control;
standalone access controller
Miniature surface flat reader.
no touch button
Size: 55x55x12 mm
Controller for operation with an external reader, combined with contactless exit button;
no touch exit button

The Lumiring Company positioning own standalone devices series as a universal solution for a wide range of simple tasks. Do you want to put intelligent lock in your apartment, front, garage or office? Do you want to control the barrier or gate? Do you need remote opening gate or door by the remote control? Do you want to arm or disarm the object from protection by contactless card? Do you want to control lighting or generator on the card access, remote control, touch or contactless button? We have the solution for every! If you need a special unique algorithm or for you need exclusive light color (appropriate for your wall or door design) - we can implement it in a series of devices especially for Your project.

Access control system will make life easier and safer, for your households or your staff in the office. Our company offers functional, reliable solutions, which harmoniously fit into the interior of any building and ensure its safety.