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Start channel on Youtube.

We starting video youtube channel. Now our customers have most easy way to watch how devices work, how works RGB led indicator ring and different relay modes. We sure this information will be useful for any customers which search for simple, reliable and good looks access control systems.


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Sorry for temporary inconvenience. In the middle of May you must to see new site version.


BLE 4.0 add-ons module.

ACS solution with this module will work with BLE key-fobs, phones and standard cards in same time. It’s must be very universal and usable solution for SOHO and...


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Special solutions from Lumiring Technology

      Nowadays the access control and governing systems has become an everyday phenomenon in absolutely any sphere: these could be warehouses, logistical centers, parking lots and garages, office blocks and business centers, hotels, manufacturing enterprises and shopping malls, residential buildings, flats and private houses. It does not matter whether you choose an autonomic or network based access control system, it is the type of products, which is usually adapted to the needs of every individual customer. Any installer is willing to admit the fact that a quality design, the matching of all elements to one particular style is a crucial matter of significant importance for the system’s owner. It’s obvious, for it’s the thing that he will look at multiple times a day in the door of his own office, house or apartment. It is the first thing to see for your quests and visitors. An original device of the electronic access can show that you’re not only paying attention to the matters of security, but that you also value style.

      The engineers of our firm have developed a series of devices, which combine several main functions at ones – this allows simplifying the task of choosing the equipment and the adjustment of its visual appearance. Now the final customer should not be worried about the possibility that the front door of his house of office will resemble an electronic puzzle of different design and production. Available now in this serie are five devices:

  • LR-1CB Standalone Access Controller with NO-TOUCH exit button. 


With this device you can improve level of security in comparison with simple LRx-1CR were all placed outside. All important parts in this solution place inside guard zone. In kit with this controller, you must use any Wiegand 26 compatible reader in sample our LRx-1R or LRx-1RDB (if you need doorbell function).  For complete KIT you need only power supply with PSU function and right lock.

As a result, the customer receives:

  • A beautiful solution in one particular style
  • The increasing of level of security
  • Anti-bacterial non-contact exit button


  • LRH-1CRB Standalone Access Controller with NO-TOUCH exit button and KEELOQ code receiver.


LRH-1CRB its LR-1CB with additional radio module. The radio module is designed to work with remote control keyfobe type KEELOQ upon the frequency of 433 or 868 Mhz. This solution easily allows implementing the function of remote door opening in your office or garage without any additional cable trays and exploitation of third party devices in the process of installation of which many questions occur as where to hide and lay the cables.


  • LREH-1CR/LRMH-1CR Standalone Access Controller with internal reader and 433 Mhz(868 Mhz option) Keeloq code receiver.


With this device you can make simple two way access control system which works with wireless cards or tags. It can be your own home, office, garage etc. Any door where need control in both way. The functionality of this device is greatly extended by the use of radio module. The radio module is functioning at 433Mhz(868 Mhz option) with radio remote control which use KEElOQ code. The distance can reach 50 meters in open space. Now you can make simple hybrid access control system where you can use both type of identification method: for long distance 433Mhz(868 Mhz option) for close - 125Khz (13,56 Mhz option). Hardware setting of device can be controlled only by jumpers but all software setting user can change in any time by LumiRing menu.


  • LRE-1RD / LRM-1RD Standard access control reader with sensor doorbell button.


LR-1RDB its standard access control reader for work with RFID card on 125Khz or 13.56 Mhz depend customer order. Reader have Wiegand 26 standard out. As an additional function, there’s a sensor doorbell button. Doorbell function works only with LR-1Cxxx controllers series. With LR-1Cxxx controller series LR-1RD can support full features LumiRing menu.


  • LREH-1R / LRMH-1R Standard access control reader with 433 Mhz(868 Mhz option) Keeloq code receiver.


This device combines the standard access control reader and the radio module in one with standard access Wiegand 26 allowing to easily integrate this particular solution in the existing access control system and organize the possibility to use different types of indicators for the system users. For example: the inhabitants of a gated development can use the remote opening of the barrier using the remote controller, while all the guests can be presented with temporarily RFID cards LumiRing menu.


These devices for sure are not the solutions to every problem but in the majority of cases they’re able to help in finding a way to the solution. In case you need a specialized solution or a specific algorythm of device functioning don’t hesitate to contact us – were’re always willing to meet the requirements and desires of our permanent costumers.