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Start channel on Youtube.

We starting video youtube channel. Now our customers have most easy way to watch how devices work, how works RGB led indicator ring and different relay modes. We sure this information will be useful for any customers which search for simple, reliable and good looks access control systems.


Start rebuild site to new version.

Sorry for temporary inconvenience. In the middle of May you must to see new site version.


BLE 4.0 add-ons module.

ACS solution with this module will work with BLE key-fobs, phones and standard cards in same time. It’s must be very universal and usable solution for SOHO and...


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Warranty policy

  1. This warranty is provided only for product purchased from Lumiring Technology Hereafter call Lumiring.
  2. Warranty period: 3 year warranty.
  3. Within the specified warranty period, Lumiring will repair or replace non consumable parts (excluding casing, accessories, batteries, cable and power supply) that are damaged under normal use (by judgement of Lumiring) without additional charge.
  4. The warranty will not be covered under the following conditions :
    1. Out-of-warranty products.
    2. The product is modified without Lumiring approval.
    3. Obvious attack of appearance whatever it is.
    4. The product is subjected to unusual physical or electrical stress, including physical damage, burnt components and broken connectors.
    5. The serial number label is removed or altered.
  5. The defective product or defective spare part must be presented together with dealer’s invoice when the defective product or defective spare part is returned for repair. Otherwise, EIFFEL reserves the right of not providing free warranty during the warranty period.
  6. The customer is responsible for returning the defective product at his own expense.
  7. Your warranty period is calculated from the date of invoice of this product.