The app is free to download and requires no subscription fees.


The entire access control and management system is at your fingertips in this app. In Macs Lite everything is simple and convenient, you won’t get confused – you’ll quickly get used to it and use it without looking. 

The app is free to download and requires no subscription fees.

After installing the controller, scan the QR code, and configure the mode of operation convenient to you.

With Macs Lite:

  • Control apartment, office and parking gate access in one app. 
  • Assign key users (employees, friends, or temporary courier access). 
  • Configure each user’s expiration date, access rights, and pass-through mode. You can assign 3 keys for each free.
  • Create groups of users (e.g. managers, salesmen…) with different access settings (depending on the mode of work and financial responsibility).
  • Create groups of control points (for example, all doors to the main office, all internal doors, barriers).
  • The event monitor will tell you in real time who is currently at the access point.
  • Information about users’ movements remains in the report. This is a handy tool for recording the working time of your employees. This way you can easily fill out a timesheet.
  • This application will save your time, simplify the control and security of business objects and will contribute to discipline in the team. Manage access to your home or office simply and quickly with Macs Lite. Its user-friendly interface has been designed specifically so that you can set it up without any help.
  • Innovative technology allows you to avoid wasting time on non-essential tasks and focus on growing your business.
  • The Macs Lite app is a modern solution for a progressive business.