Need to provide security at multiple sites, in an apartment building, Business Center, large office or apartment building? It is possible with the help of UNI MACS. This program is downloadable to your computer, tablet or phone. The user friendly interface will show you all the information about the access points at the facilities and you can configure and distribute virtual keys as you see fit.

UNIMACS Cloud Server has four interfaces for different types of tasks:

  • Multi-Interface. Customers at any level, from the owner of a country house to the managing company of a business center can choose the appropriate interface and related functionality for their task. Available interfaces: Home, Office, Business Center, Residential.The specialized interface. It is suitable for service companies that provide technical support to their clients, collect data on failures and equipment wear and tear, which helps improve the level of service.
  • Multisystem. UNIMACS functionality is available for the interfaces: Office, Business Center and LCD. Allows the user who owns several LC or BC to quickly switch between them.
  • Multi-sections have the functionality to allow the owners of Business Centers to create their own microsystem for each company. At the same time, the BC owner’s system has no access to them. Each firm has its own access control system with its own administrator. UNI MACS is a cloud-based Lumiring access system for large commercial facilities. It helps large business owners to control and manage multiple facilities in one database.

UNI MACS will make access control and management in such a complex system, simple and convenient.


Lumiring’s innovative system solutions are an aid to business management.