New addition to the Lumiring family - AIR series.

Our engineers came up with a new product, a new AIR family of devices. It has all the benefits of the previous, already popular LRM series, but has new features and functions that make it almost a magic wand.

AIR line – a compact controllers and readers. They, like all Lumiring access control systems work via Wifi and give all the convenience of access control from a smartphone. But now they also have Bluetooth support.

This means that the AIR controller recognizes the host ID and without the help of the Internet, but via Bluetooth on the phone. The device reads user data on the phone or smart bracelet and reacts to its approach from a distance of 10 to 80 cm (a distance you can set yourself). And the magic wand in your smartphone will open access to the room you want.

AIR family:

  • AIR Multi-Reader RFID+Bluetooth
  • AIR CR Wireless Controller & RFID Multi-Reader + Bluetooth
  • AIR CB Wireless Network Controller & Proximity Exit Button
  • AIR BUTTON Proximity smart button

AIR devices read MIFARE 13.56Mhz tags; all NFC tags; EVM; EM-Marine; HID. All devices support the MACS lite mobile app and UNIMACS Cloud Access Control. And also integrators and developers can use several ways of integration: REST API, MQTT API, CloudAPI (UNIMACS version only).

We are constantly upgrading the technical capabilities of our products. After all, the ultimate goal of access control systems is to make your life easier. The Lumiring family of access control devices will continue to grow and improve to make your security even more convenient and functional.