Frame 36

Wi-Fi Controller + proximity exit button

Controller AIR CB

AIR CB is a full-featured Wi-Fi network controller with a laser exit button + built-in Bluetooth reader.

The device allows you to organize a complete network access control system at any object where comfort and security is a priority. Can operate independently without connecting an external reader. Allows you to control any actuators and use digital keys.

Functional features:

  • Laser sensor – gives you the ability to open doors contactless.
  • Digital keys – support AirKey and Vikey keys, via application.
  • Quick start – adding a device by QR code
  • Built-in web server – gives quick access to basic settings
  • Software suite – support for two proprietary software (Macs Lite and Unimacs)
  • P2P Cloud – no local server costs
  • API – allows easy integration into any website
  • Versatility – support for third-party devices (readers, keypads, biometrics)


We can fully customize our current solution
or create a unique one for the specific needs of the client