Our company surpasses the industry benchmarks for physical security by incorporating the most advanced and secure IoT, industrial, information technology, and automation protocols and standards. Our embedded systems are at the forefront of the field and feature an Enterprise Low Code compliant approach, making them the easiest to implement. We utilize the MQTT protocol for machine-to-machine communication, which is not only efficient and reliable in data distribution, but also boasts low code footprint, low bandwidth consumption, and low power consumption. Our solutions are seamlessly integrated into our customers’ systems of any complexity with minimal effort, enabling rapid implementation in just a few clicks.

The Lumiring access control system has an open API protocol that allows you to integrate your accumulated key usage data into any accounting and control system.

There are three types of integration depending on the features you need:

  • API integration – the simplest method, the equipment is built into an existing third-party service and you won’t need highly skilled programmers.
  • MQTT integration is the intermediate level. It is suitable for working with a large number of devices. You can use any third party free MQTT service. The protocol of work is different from the simple REST API, but it provides more features and convenience to work with more devices.
  • Cloud API – high level. This type of integration is suitable for complex systems with embedded subsystems. It allows the owner to use all the features of UNIMACS cloud solution.
  • API – helps to connect to your existing security and control systems and gives you more features.

If you already have an existing access system and want to expand its functionality, there is no need to completely re-equip your system.

Lumiring controllers have a wired input for third-party equipment and are easily configured on any