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Mobile Access Control System Software

Mobile Network Support
2G, 3G, 4G supported
P2P Cloud support
P2P Cloud workmode
Wi-Fi Network
Wi-Fi network support
Encryption 256 Bit
Stream encryption 256 bit
Online OTA update
Online firmware update
Keyless access
Phone as the key
Android Support
APP MACS at PlayMarket
IOS Support
APP MACS at AppStore
Description: Mobile Access Control system software
Platform support: IOS, ANDROID
Local user right control: Support
Database type: MySQL
Database backup/restore: Support
P2P Cloud support: Support
RFID Tag encryption: Support
Virtual Key ID: Support
Manual card code entry: Support.
Anti pass-back: Support. 2 modes
Stored reports: Unlimited
IDs to User: up to 3
User groups: 4*
Controller groups: 4*
Access rights: 4*
Controllers in system: 8*
Virtual keys in system: 8*
Languages: English, Russian, Netherland
Software modules:
KeyUser manager Add, edit, delete KeyUsers in ACS
Controller manager Add, edit, delete Controllers in ACS
Access right manager Add, edit, delete Access rights in ACS
Report manager Create reports from controllers and database.
Export to CSV and XLS supported.
Events monitor View events Online from up to 3 controllers.
Manual control Control your lock directly
*Limitation in Lite version of APP
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