4 Doors Network Access Controller

The ICON series of controllers is capable of controlling up to four doors and supporting eight OSDP readers and two Wiegand readers. These devices boast wired and wireless networking capabilities, easily configured through a built-in web interface, and a local Wi-Fi AP for streamlined administration. The devices can be effortlessly integrated into any system utilizing the open MQTT API protocol. This facilitates swift and seamless integration with many systems beyond the security market.

These devices are meticulously designed to operate within a cloud-based access management platform, delivering a professional-level, feature-rich web interface for controlling many devices and cardholders. With group-based management for cardholders and devices, the platform supports many zone-based automation scenarios and access schedules, enabling seamless integration with any access control scenario.


The device supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks. The Wi-Fi  network can serve as a backup channel if required.


The built-in web interface offers a straightforward and user-friendly experience for setting up the device.


The device is capable of operating on a wide voltage range of 12-24 VDC and can also be powered through POE (Power over Ethernet).


We understand the importance of flexibility and versatility of the device and provide open MQTT API protocol.


The device’s components have an extremely tested, and the relays has undergone thorough testing for more than 5 million cycles.


The device’s support for a wide range of protocols provides the possibility of working with a diverse range of third-party equipment.