Apartments and Residential Buildings

 Access control system for residential buildings.

Residents deserve to feel safe within the building they live by themselves or with loved ones. There should not be a concern for who can access the building when people are relaxing or not home. LumiRing installation allows for residents to control who enters their residential building, whether it is an apartment, house, or any other residential domicile. A contactless reader identifies your personal key in your smartphone and the entrance will open when in proximity to your door. Personal home installation is just as easy.

Installation of controllers on your house is quick and efficient. Once installation is complete, use the LumiRing application on your phone to control entry access immediately.

LumiRing is the best option for residential access:

  • Integrates with any metering and monitoring system
  • Managed through app
  • Multi-functional
  • Encrypted to protect against hacking
  • Economical – minimum hardware and easy to install
  • Virtual key via your smartphone

Benefits of installing LumiRing for residential access:

  • Remote access to your home, apartment, or residential domicile by being in proximity of the entrance. A digital key in your smartphone allows for entry into your home
  • Ability to give temporary guest access. Family, friends, and authorized delivery men can enter with their mobile key
  • Real-time monitoring of movements in and out of your residence with the ability to export and review reports
  • Compatible with any access system you may have currently installed. Easy integration which allows for new convenience into and out of your home
  •  The ability to restrict access to certain floors. And you will be free of unpleasant neighbors.
  •  If you already have an access system, Lumiring is easy to integrate into it, bringing new conveniences.