We can completely customize our current access control solution or create a unique one for your specific needs

Access Control System for educational institutions.

Parents let their children go to school, and every day they can only hope that they are safe. And the news statistics are getting scarier, not to mention cases of theft and burglaries at schools, collages and universities. Not to lock them up, right?

Installing Lumiring access control for schools or colleges can help solve the problem. It will give you the ability to limit access to your school to strangers.

Lumiring is the best of the access control systems for school because:

  • Multifunctional
  • Can be controlled through an app
  • Integrates with any accounting system
  • Encrypted – cannot be hacked or copied
  • Cost-effective to install – minimal hardware, easy to install
  • Gives you a free virtual key in your smartphone

Your benefits of installing Lumiring access control system.

  • Access control to school, college, and university. The system won’t let strangers in.
  • Students and teachers, all those with a mobile key, enter without touching the lock. The contactless reader reacts to the digital key automatically and the door opens.
  • Manage access remotely. In the app, you set a certain access time only for students, for example, or parents.
  • The app keeps reports on who comes and what time they leave.
  • In case of danger, you close all doors in “one click”.