Access Control System for schools.

Keeping our children and loved ones safe while they work and learn in our schools should always be a top priority. Access to schools has become stricter for good reason, but it shouldn’t be harder to implement these systems.

LumiRing installation can help control access to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions and help keep people safe. Once controllers are installed, access can be controlled using the application on your smartphone

Lumiring is the best option for school access:

  • Integrates with any monitoring system
  • Managed through a mobile application
  • Multi-functional
  • Encrypted to protect against hacking
  • Economical – minimum hardware and easy to install
  • Virtual key via your smartphone

Benefits of installing LumiRing for school access:

  • Control access to your education institution and prevent strangers from entering
  • In the event of danger, all doors can be closed and locked in one-click
  • Contactless readers for students and teachers to use digital key access to open doors
  • Access can be managed remotely from your app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Real time monitoring of access in and out of buildings. Reports can be kept and exported for later review