We can completely customize our current solution or create a unique one for your specific needs

Access control system for fitness centers.

24/7 gym access has never been easier and safer with LumiRing. No more out-of-date key tags and have desk staff in the middle of the night. People with gym memberships can access their fitness facility with their smartphone devices at any hour of the day. Access is all including, from the front doors all the way to whichever locker they chose.

With the installation of the controller and electromagnetic lock, our mobile application allows access to these items with digital keys on their personal smartphones.

LumiRing is the best option for gym access:

  • Integrates with any monitoring system
  • Managed through app
  • Multi-functional
  • Encrypted to protect against hacking
  • Economical – minimum hardware and easy to install
  • Virtual key via your smartphone

Benefits of installing LumiRing for gym access:

  • Gym access will be given when your smartphone is in the proximity of the facility
  • Real-time monitoring from your smartphone, tablet, or computer of who goes in and out of the gym
  • Reduction of front desk staff – access can only be given if you have gym membership and permission given via the app
  • Gym analytics, monitor peak and off times for your gym by reviewing access records of your fitness center