Access control system for office buildings.

Provide business owners with fully protected spaces that provide their employees with maximum security. Access in and out of their space can be controlled locally to allow peace of mind while away from the building.

LumiRing access control system allows passage in and out remotely using digital key access via your smartphone device. Access control to doors, elevators, and parking garages is quick and easy. Controllers can be installed at access points and entry controlled using the LumiRing app.

LumiRing is the best option for office building access:

  • Integrates with any monitoring system
  • Managed through app
  • Multi-functional
  • Encrypted to protect against hacking
  • Economical – minimum hardware and easy to install
  • Virtual key via your smartphone

Your benefits from installing the Lumiring access control and management system.

  • Ensure secure access to and from your office building with a digital key via your smartphone device while in the proximity of your entrances
  • Real-time monitoring of access in and out of the building that can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Reports can be viewed at a later time and exported
  • Quick installation and easy integration. LumiRing can be installed rapidly and efficiently without interrupting every day come and go of the office. It can be combined with any current monitoring system you may already have
  • Control entry to your building, with the ability to restrict who can and cannot enter the premises
  • In case of danger, protect people inside your building with the lock function from your phone. All entryways can be closed and locked with one-click