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Parking access control system.

Have you ever seen a barrier that opens with a wave of your hand? And it’s not a magic wand in your hand, it’s your smartphone. Do you think parking automation means expensive and unreliable parking machines with their maintenance costs? Install Lumiring ACS controllers on the barrier and an app on your cell phone. That’s the automation of your parking lot. Drivers will get keyless remote parking access, which is very convenient and will choose your parking lot.

Lumiring is the best of the parking access control systems because:

  • Multi-function
  • Managed through an app
  • Integrates with any metering system.
  • Encrypted – can’t be hacked or copied
  • Economical to install – minimum hardware, easy to install
  • Gives you a free virtual key on your smartphone

Your benefits from installing the Lumiring parking lot gate access control system.

  • Remote parking management and all car movement reports in one smartphone.
  • Customer convenience. You don’t need to get out of your car or even open a window to enter the parking lot – just click a button in the app or drive up to the set distance and the barrier will open.
  • You can monitor real-time traffic in the parking lot.