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Access control system for religious buildings.

The church is protected by God. But the theft of religious relics is done by those who do not fear Him. God will of course punish them, but there is a way to prevent it. This is the church security system.

In order to make the entrance to the church comfortable, open to the congregation and at the same time protected from the godless, install ACS. This is an access control and management system that easily opens the door only to those who can be trusted and remains closed to the rest.

Installing an ACS system is no problem – it’s just installing a small controller on the door and an electromagnetic lock. Then you download an application to your smartphone and give out digital keys to the congregation. Those keys are in the smartphone and they will automatically open the doors of the church, without a touch.

Lumiring is the best of the access control systems for religious facilities because:

  • Multifunctional
  • Can be controlled through an app
  • Integrates with any accounting system
  • Encrypted – impossible to hack or copy
  • Economical to install – minimum hardware, easy installation
  • Gives you a free virtual key on your smartphone

Your benefits from installing Lumiring access control and management system.

  • Controls room access from a distance with an app on your smartphone. You give mobile access to parishioners or volunteers on your schedule. 
  • Protection for parishioners and church staff. Access is only available to those to whom you have given a key.
  • Religious facility attendance report. In the administrator’s app, you will see all visits. In case of any threat, an instant lockout will be triggered and all doors will be locked.
  • The church will remain hospitable to its members, as the mobile key opens the doors when approached. You won’t have to touch the lock either.