Access control system for religious buildings.

Many religious institutions and connected facilities are vulnerable to crime. People who are trying to take part in their religion should not have to worry about their safety while doing so. Controlling access to churches, mosques, and other religious sites has become a necessary part of protecting worship services. The LumiRing solution provides enhanced security technology to protect places of congregation.

Installing the ACS system is quick and will not get in the way of religious services. Worship members can enter the premises using a digital key on their smartphones. Once installation is complete, use the MacsLite app on your phone to control entry access immediately.

LumiRing is the best option for religious buildings access:

  • Integrates with any monitoring system
  • Managed through app
  • Multi-functional
  • Encrypted to protect against hacking
  • Economical – minimum hardware and easy to install
  • Virtual key via your smartphone

Benefits of installing LumiRing for religious building access.

  • Give mobile access to worshipers so that entry can be granted outside of normal service hours
  • Real-time monitoring of movements in and out of the building. Reports can be reviewed and exported
  • Compatible with any access system you may have currently installed. Easy integration which won’t interrupt religious services
  • In case of danger, protect people inside your building with the lock function, from your phone. All entryways can be closed and locked with one-click