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Access control system for retail.

The store is open to all, but the warehouse is only for chosen ones. The premises for store employees are a separate world. The warehouse, accounting department, locker room, and director’s office are often in close proximity to large crowds of visitors. Separate the world of store employees from uninvited guests.

Install a remote access control system Lumiring, and don’t worry about having to walk around with a bunch of keys to each door. With a mobile key, doors open quickly and easily, without a touch. But only those with authorized access can enter.

Lumiring is the best of retail access control systems because:

  • Multi-function
  • Controlled through an app
  • Integrates with any accounting system.
  • Encrypted – can’t be hacked or copied
  • Economical to install – minimum hardware, easy installation
  • Gives you a free virtual key on your smartphone

Your benefits from installing Lumiring access control and management system:

  • Access control for store employees only.
  • The administrator controls access via an app on the smartphone. If an employee quits, you delete them and they can’t log in. And a new employee sends a digital key using a smartphone.
  • The proximity reader automatically responds to the digital key and the door will open as soon as you approach it. The key in your smartphone works in the background.
  • Will ensure the safety of your products in the warehouse. In case of shortages, you can track in the app who has been there.