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  • What IP code of protection of your devices?

    Depend on your needs you can order a device with a wire out such device will have IP65 code or with socket connection with code IP54.

  • Can I use your controller without Wi-Fi or 485 connection?

    Yes, our LRM-2CRS or LR-2CBS can be set to work in standalone mode - without connection by WIFI or 485. Each time for work(Change controller settings, add/delete users or change access right) with device in standalone mode, you must stay near device and mobile must be connected to Controller Wi-Fi AP. This becomes possible due to the fact that the controller simultaneously supports operation in the AP mode and the Client.

  • How to works RFID copy protection feature?

    We developed RFID copy protection to prevent copy and clone RFID tags and cards. Now on market very easy to buy the device for copy/clone RFID tags. Cost of the device very low - around 20USD. That can be a hole in the Access control system.

    Each new MACS in pair with controllers generate a special hidden key which used for encrypt record in MIFARE card. Without algoritm of encryption and secret key - no one can clone this card.

    In RFID copy protection mode each MIFARE card can be used in 10 different MACS system. Example: MACS at Home, MACS at Office, MACS at Parking.

    If you don't need this function you can switch off it from the additional menu in MACS app.

  • Are you have software version for PC Windows OS?

    At this moment we do not have APP version for Windows os. If you need more standard work mode with mouse and keyboard - you can use simple MINI PC with Android OS. Cost price in China around 35-40 USD. You can attach a USB mouse and USB keyboard. That solution very cost effective if compare with WINDOWS PC cost. You have standard convenient work mode with great cost effective.

  • Can I use NFC tag with your system?

    Yes, of course. You can us for identification MIFARE tags and NFC standard tags. Also you can use any bank card with NFC tag. Dont worry about bank information - for idetification we use open free cell in NFC chip. Before use NFC tag please switch off RFID copy protection.

  • How I can know controller Wi-Fi AP password?

    All controllers from factory have same passwords for WI-FI AP. But after you add controller to own MACS app, only MACS app and Controller know this password.You can make hardware reset for set controller to factory default. Hardware reset procedure.

  • Can I order translation to my country language?

    Yes, you can order translation to your country language. We have few offers for this:

    1. Your mix order 500 pcs or more - we translate and update APPs for free

    2. You order mix below 500 pcs and you translate our resource files by own - we update APPs for free

    3. You order below 500 pcs and and we do all - cost 50 USD

  • How I can update firmware in controller?

    You just need connect controller to P2P cloud for every day automatic OTA update. Controller every night check cloud for new firmware - if find, update own firmware. All process take around 60 seconds - depend internet speed. You can manualy check for new firmware at controller setting screen - under button INFO.

    Don`t worry door will be closed all time during update procedure.

  • Can I use phone NFC feature - card from wallet?

    No. Phone use NFC transport protocol and little bit hard use it for identification purposes. We work under next version of reader module which will support this feature.

  • How many devices I can connect by 485 line to Master controller?

    In current protocol version you can unite in 485 up to 4 slave controllers/readers. We insist use 485 line only if you no have wifi coverage at your install place.

  • How many Virtual keys I can use in my ACS system for free?

    You can use for free up to 16 virtual keys. If you need more - you can buy it from your account at P2P cloud.

  • Can I use VIKEY app for Remote door open?

    Yes, of course. Vikey give you possibilities open door from any place over internet. No need stay near. Door will open if you have access right for open this door at this time.

  • What is your Warranty policy?

    This warranty is provided only for product purchased from Lumiring Technology Hereafter call Lumiring.

    Warranty period: 3 year.

    Within the specified warranty period, Lumiring will repair or replace non consumable parts (excluding casing, accessories, batteries, cable and power supply) that are damaged under normal use (by judgement of Lumiring) without additional charge.

    The warranty will not be covered under the following conditions :

    • Out-of-warranty products.
    • The product is modified without Lumiring approval.
    • Obvious attack of appearance whatever it is.
    • The product is subjected to unusual physical or electrical stress, including physical damage, burnt components and broken connectors.
    • The serial number label is removed or altered.

    The defective product or defective spare part must be presented together with dealer’s invoice when the defective product or defective spare part is returned for repair. Otherwise, Lumiring reserves the right of not providing free warranty during the warranty period.

    The customer is responsible for returning the defective product at his own expense.

    Your warranty period is calculated from the date of invoice of this product.

  • What limitation have MACS Light?
    1. Users capacity: 2000
    2. Events capacity: 8000
    3. Controller groups: 4
    4. User groups: 4
    5. Access right presets: 4
    6. Controllers in system: 8
    7. Virtual key in system: 16
    8. Connection by 485 line: up to 4 for controller
  • Door latch or magnetic lock should be powered by external power supply?

    Internal circuits develop for control up to 10A 12V in impulse and up to 2A 12V in constant. That enough for any lock type. In schematic used HEXFET® Power MOSFET 15A 12V.

  • Can we import your products with our brand names?

    If quantity enough – yes you can. But warranty terms and prices will be changed. We prefer to provide our Brand name.