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  • MACS APP - Group operations

    Group operation functionality.Now You can change many settings by a few touches in a big group of Users

  • MACS APP - How to add KeyUsers and create access rights

    Add KeyUsers and create Access Rights route

  • How to setup different indication modes

    How to choose different indication modes

  • Videomanual for standalone system

    Videomanual in 7 short videos how to setup standalone system

  • LRE-1CRS/LRE-1CR Relay delay time

    Relay delay time setup in standalone system

  • MACS vs VIKEY. Virtual key for your Access control system

    Virtual key solution - How it works.

  • Waterproof Coat test

    Test pcb with waterproof nanotechnology parylene coat.

  • Workmodes in LUMIRING ACS

    Three modes of relay work in Lumiring Access control system.

  • Global Network Access Control System

    Promo video for Lumiring Global Network Access Control System