Prototype of the world's smallest access control system

In 2014, we prototyped the world’s smallest all-in-one access control system called Lumiring ™


APPLICATION of the Best Access Control System 

  • Access control to your apartment, office and parking gate in one app. 
  • Assign key users (employees, friends, or temporary courier access) 
  • Configure validity periods, access rights, and pass modes for each user. 
  • Create groups of users with different access settings;
  • The event monitor will tell you in real time who is currently in the facility.

CLOUD SERVER for Controlled Access Building

  • Multi-Interface. For home, office, residential and business center – the appropriate interface with its own functionality. 
  • Specialized interface. It is suitable for service companies that provide technical support – it allows you to improve the level of service.
  • Multisections has functionality that allows Business Center owners to create their own microsystem for each company. 
  • The multi-system allows owners of multiple LCs and BCs to quickly switch between them.


  • Mounted on various access points: doors, barriers, gates
  • Reads mobile digital keys and access cards (Mifare or Emarin)
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology (opening with your smartphone)
  • The Lumiring range consists of three series (AIR, ICON, LRM)