Our Mission: We make the world safer by providing affordable and straightforward security and automation solutions for your home, business, school, and more, utilizing modern, innovative Access Control Systems (ACS) for entry, exit, and lockdown of buildings. Additionally, we make ultra-reliable and compact Automation Systems that have virtually no use-case limits.

Who We Are: We are an innovative engineering team with a long history in Physical Security, IT, and Electronics industries. We design, test, and produce our own electronics, from the hardware down to the software used for operation. We utilize the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology to ensure absolute safety for you and wherever you wish to protect.


We’re here for you: We build exclusively friendly relationships and are always happy to solve your most challenging security puzzles. If you need a product that is catered to your particular security need, we can design and provide a product just for you.

How we do it: We break stereotypes of traditional security systems by creating products that widen market applications, giving everyone the ability to set up their own rules in their world.  Our products are designed with the user in mind. By combining reliable MQTT technology with sustainable power to create the LumiRing, we are able to provide a product that will do exactly what you want it to do.

End to End solutions: We control the design and manufacturing process of our systems. This ensures we can create best solutions by knowing our product from beginning to installation.  We encourage feedback, and value the trust that our partners put into us by suggesting new features and possibilities. Innovation never stops, and we will continually commit to providing solutions to any access security problem you may have.


Our own fine-tuned wireless communication, encryption, and digital algorithms


A reliable cloud with 99.9% fault tolerance and advanced encryption


Convenient and powerful software that makes a complex system simple


Strong industrial design based on best practices, experience, reliable components, and superb warranty

Designs and product made in house

From R&D to manufacturing

Full cycle Hardware and Software Development

Full support, maintenance & aftermarket support