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Two-door Wi-Fi access controller


ICON PE is a two-door, credit card-sized Wi-Fi access controller. It supports wireless and wired networking and can be configured via an internal website in a regular browser, even from your phone.

Functional features:

  • Power supply with ROE technology.
  • Memory for 30,000 users and 250,000 events.
  • Operation modes: door, turnstile, gate, elevator, gateway, floor.
  • The functionality of the controllers can be expanded by using additional modules, such as: 4G module, relay board, I/O board.
  • Supports connection of: door opening sensor, electric door lock, exit button, reader.


Designed to work in a cloud-based UNIMACS solution. Can also work with the MACS Lite mobile application to support small projects where complex access scenarios are not required.


For organization of access control system of a small object (office, store, warehouse, etc.) one controller is enough. If necessary, it can control multiple access points.


We can fully customize our current solution
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