Frame 37

125 USD

Wi-Fi Controller + touch exit button


LRM-2CBS is a miniature controller with a touch button exit, designed to organize the access control and work in a Wi-Fi network. The reader works with the following types of tags: all MIFARE 13.56Mhz; all NFC tags; EVM; EM-Marine; HID.

Supports connection: door sensor, door electromagnetic lock, exit button, code keyboard. Has a built-in laser rangefinder – a “no-touch” function and notification of the removal of the controller. Easy programming controller through the built-in web server.

When working together, the models LRM-2RS + LR-2CBS – entry / exit kit for one point of the passage, allows you to organize entry for all types of tags with working hours, and free exit, without accounting.


The device can operate in three modes:

Standalone mode – local operation via Wi-Fi (controller – phone)
Network mode – the controller in a Wi-Fi network.
P2P cloud – the controller is online whenever and wherever there is internet.


Due to built-in Wi-Fi and an intuitive connection interface, you will save time and money to install and configure the access system.


We can fully customize our current solution
or create a unique one for the specific needs of the client