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Answers to the most common questions.

What is the warranty for Lumiring products?

This warranty is provided only for products purchased from Lumiring.

Warranty period: 1 year.

During the specified warranty period, Lumiring will repair or replace the defective device or non-consumable parts (excluding the case, accessories, batteries, cables and power supplies) that are damaged during normal use (subject to Lumiring’s determination) at no additional charge.

The warranty does not cover the following conditions:

Post-warranty products.
Product modified without permission from Lumiring.
Physical damage to the unit.
The product is subjected to unusual physical or electrical stress, including physical force, burned components, and broken connectors.
The serial number decal has been removed or changed.
Defective product or defective replacement part must be accompanied by dealer invoice when returning the defective product or defective replacement part for repair. Otherwise, Lumiring reserves the right not to provide a free warranty, replacement or repair during the warranty period.

The customer is responsible for returning the defective product at his own expense.

The warranty period starts from the date this product is invoiced.

Can I use NFC tag with your system?

Yes, you can. You can use MIFARE tags and NFC standard tags for identification. Also, you can use any bank card with an NFC tag. Don’t worry about bank information, for our purposes (what is identification only) we use a standard and open-cell in NFC chip. Before using any NFC tag, please switch off RFID copy protection.

Can I use your controller without Wi-Fi or 485 connection?

Yes, our LRM-2CRS or LR-2CBS can be set to work in a standalone mode (without WI-FI or 485 connection). Though while the device is in the standalone mode, and for configuration or any other needs such as changing controller settings, add/delete users, or change access rights, you must stay close to the device, and your phone must be connected to Controller Wi-Fi AP. This functionality is possible as the controller supports simultaneous operation in the AP mode and the Client modes.

How does RFID copy protection feature work?

Currently, the device for copying and cloning RFID tags is easily available on the market to buy for a very low price – around 20 USD, which is a problem because it creates a hole in the access control system. Our solution is RFID copy protection to prevent copying and cloning of RFID tags and cards.

Each new MACS software installation, when paired with controllers, generates a unique hidden encryption key for a MIFARE card. It is impossible to clone this card and have it operational in our system without this exact key and knowledge of an encryption algorithm in use at the time of creation.

In RFID copy protection mode, each MIFARE card can be used in 10 different MACS systems, i.e.: MACS at home, MACS at the office, MACS at the parking, etc.

You can disable this function from the Additional Features in the MACS app.

What are MACS Lite limitations?

1.Users capacity: 3000

2.Events capacity: 8000

3.Controller groups: unlimited

4.User groups: unlimited

5.Access rights: 8

6.Controllers in the system: 8

7.Virtual keys in the system: 8

In order to extend the limit of the default items, you will need to order add-ons. To do it you need to sign up for a Cloud account at

How should the Door Latch or Magnetic Lock be powered? Do I need an external power supply?

Our devices can support external load up to 10A 12V in the impulse mode and up to 2A 12V in the constant mode of lock operation. That is more than sufficient for the majority of solenoid lock types. You may need an external relay and power supply for some Maglocks or anything else that has a higher load capacity. For your reference, we use resilient HEXFET® Power MOSFET 15A 12V in the controlling circuit of our device.

What is Wi-Fi password for the controller AP?

All controllers from the factory come with no default passwords for Wi-Fi AP. You can create a password when you add a controller to MACS Lite app. All communication is secured and encrypted. You can always perform a hardware reset and set the controller to factory default settings.