Updates in Lumiring ACS applications.

Lumiring continues to improve its products. Our access control systems are becoming more user-friendly so that you have all the control at your fingertips, in one smartphone, with all the features you need.

We have updates to our MacsLite and Vikey Wallet apps. They will now have pop-up PUSH notifications that will notify you of new events and changes in key usage (whatever you set up for notifications) so you don’t miss anything important. You won’t have to constantly check to see if anyone has entered the facility, or wait for someone to use their virtual key. As soon as an event happens, you’ll know right away.

We have also added support for Bluetooth keys in the applications, since they have become very popular due to their functionality. These keys allow you to open doors offline, without delay or extra action. The app can work in the background and open locks on proximity. Now MacsLite will record all possible changes, both with virtual keys working over the Internet, and with Bluetooth keys. And the Vikey Wallet will be able to store all kinds of proximity keys, including Bluetooth keys.

Lumiring strives to make security convenient and discreet, so you can feel secure that will quickly and easily open doors for you and your guests. That’s why we’re constantly refining our virtual key applications and adding functionality to them.