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  • building access control system

    NEW Products are coming out!

    We are announcing brand new products following our customer's requests and feedback. These solutions were engineered from scratch to meet the most demanding application requirements. The best, most reliable, and most developed communication protocols, top components, and manufacturing processes are used. And most importantly - we have them in...

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  • Updates in Lumiring ACS applications.

    Lumiring continues to improve its products. Our access control systems are becoming easier to use, so that you have all the control at your fingertips, in one smartphone, with all the functions you need.

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  • New addition to the Lumiring family – AIR series.

    A fresh development of our engineers has gone on sale - a new series of AIR devices. It has all the advantages of the previous, already popular LRM series, but has received new features and functions that make it almost a magic wand.

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